US-Bank-Tower-Lobby-double-layer-TOB3M-soft-white-and-T11-clear-frosted-Gensler-06-1920x900-1 NEWMAT AUSTRALIA
A new standard in stretch ceilings in Australia and New Zealand
Olabuenaga-Chemistri-Mexico-3D-ACL21-Vermillion-and-ACL1-Blanc-micro-perf-gloss-Gardunos-Arquitectos-1920x900-1 LABELED COMPANY Our stretch ceilings come in over 200 colours and 15 finishes
Extra-wide membranes (5m) available in standard finishes
bpifrance EXCELLENCE
Zeidlers-Cafe-Los-Angeles-printed-white-satin-acoustic-micro-perforated-stretch-walls-Safdie-Architects-2-1920x900-1 AWARD-WINNING COMPANY Our membranes are suitable for wall, ceiling and 3D application,
with the option to print
500-Monroe-Lobby-1920x900-2 Our standard finishes have a fire rating of Group 1 + 2 La FRENCH FAB bpifrance EXCELLENCE TALENTS inpi Aquamar-Netherlands-indoor-pool-ACS600-satin-1-Hooper-Architects-1920x900-1 Suitable for indoor and aquatic environments, our stretch ceilings
resist humidity, are durable and offer acoustic properties
Merchandise-Mart-Chicago-MR01-Miroir-silver-mirror-Valerio-Dewalt-Train-Associates-1920x900-1 Lightweight mirror ceilings are now possible, with six finishes available Kia-Motors-Detroit-1920x900-1 Installation of our membranes is fast and clean Sastreria-Tomorrowland_05-1920x900-1 NEWMAT AUSTRALIA offers clients highly technical and creative stretch solutions –
we are committed to quality, innovation and service
UBS-New-York-translucent-Gensler-1920x900-1 NEWMAT AUSTRALIA is the largest stretch ceiling company in Australia and
New Zealand, supplying and installing membranes,
tracking and backlighting systems

NEWMAT AUSTRALIA: the new standard in stretch ceilings

NEWMAT Australia’s stretch ceilings

NEWMAT Australia specialises in architectural ceilings, stocking a wide selection of stretch ceiling membranes in 200+ colours and finishes.

NEWMAT’s stretch membranes are ideally suited to projects across a range of sectors, from commercial, hospitality, education and leisure to healthcare, retail, residential and beyond. Each stretch ceiling project is completely unique, with customisation options such as backlighting, acoustic micro-perforation, extra wide panels, and digital printing. Stretch membranes are suitable for virtually any application, from wall and ceiling through to 3D shaped forms.

Designed to integrate seamlessly into enhance any space, NEWMAT’s lightweight and durable membranes are 100% recyclable. In addition, installation is fast and clean.


Established in 1986, NEWMAT is a global leader in stretch membranes, with a network of dealers in 70 countries.

At NEWMAT AUSTRALIA, we leverage this to offer incomparable service and reliability to our valued clients throughout Australia and New Zealand. We are committed delivering first-class custom stretch ceiling projects, from initial concept through to installation on site.

The experienced team at NEWMAT AUSTRALIA has worked on small-scale and major projects alongside the region’s leading architects, designers, acousticians and builders.

We supply and install membranes, tracking and complete backlighting systems, and our industrial designers assist with fast design development, prototyping, and documentation. Our extensive in-house capabilities include the fabrication of custom light boxes and framing, CNC machining and welding. We are proudly Australian owned

panel ceiling

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