A new standard in stretch ceilings

NEWMAT Australia opens its doors
Welcome to the inaugural newsletter from Newmat Australia

A new standard in custom stretch ceilings and architectural solutions is now available to architects, designers and builders in Australia and New Zealand with the arrival of NEWMAT Australia.

At NEWMAT Australia, we are committed to quality, innovation and service, and we are thrilled to introduce our range of superior stretch membranes, along with custom fabrication and complete backlighting systems. Available in over 200 colours and 15 finishes, NEWMAT Australia’s membranes are suitable for virtually any application, from wall and ceiling through to 3D shaped forms.

NEWMAT Australia‘s standard finishes have a fire rating of Group 1 or Group 2 in accordance with the Building Code of Australia’s requirements. Fire test reports are available upon request.

NEWMAT Australia‘s team has vast experience in stretch installations, spanning the commercial, hospitality, retail, education, healthcare and residential sectors. Newmat is a global leader in stretch membranes, and we leverage their network to offer incomparable service and reliability to our valued clients. Our team of industrial designers assists with fast design development, prototyping, documentation and budgeting for concepts.

Proudly Australian owned, NEWMAT Australia’s extensive in-house capabilities include the fabrication of custom light boxes and framing, CNC machining and welding.

NEWMAT Australia operates throughout Australia and New Zealand, with our head office and showroom in Sydney. We would love to discuss any stretch ceiling projects you may be working on. Please get touch if you have queries; samples, product brochures, and project images are available.

Contact details for NEWMAT Australia are below – please add these to your address book or database.

When specifying stretch ceilings, please consider using NEWMAT Australia‘s details in your specification:

Company:Newmat Australia
Phone:1300 047 047