Christian DIOR event Sydney CBD

Newmat Australia is delighted to reveal their involvement in the renowned Christian Dior pop up event in Sydney. With precise guidance from Paris, within a limited time frame and a temporary space, Newmat successfully converted warehouse ceilings into a lavish and sophisticated venue using their reputable matte white fabric to enhance the venues aesthetics.

NEWMAT seamlessly met DIOR’s standards from receiving the initial drawings to executing production and installation in just 4.5 weeks. This involved the suspension of 115m2 of matte white Newmat and 10 large custom-fabricated frames. A true testament to the speed of our design team and fabricators.

Newmat collaborated closely with Christian Dior’s team and had the honour of executing precisely what was envisioned for this event.

We express our gratitude to the DIOR team for entrusting Newmat and for facilitating the creation of an exceptional space where Newmat could offer their expertise.