Here are the answers to the questions you have been asking yourself about the NEWMAT stretch ceiling

  • What is a stretch ceiling?

    A stretch ceiling is a real ceiling, traditionally in white matte, or it can be decorative and in colour. It can have acoustical properties, be antibacterial, etc. It can be flat or 3D shaped.

    It is always custom fabricated at the factory and installed by a professional.

  • What is a NEWMAT stretch ceiling made of?

    NEWMAT stretch ceilings consist of three components:

    1. The perimeter profile installed on the wall or ceiling,
    2. the PVC membrane welded together,
    3. the harpoon welded on its perimeter to be inserted into the profile.

    The profiles are made of PVC or anodized aluminum.

  • Are NEWMAT stretch ceilings strong?

    Yes, NEWMAT stretch ceilings are strong and warrantied for 10 years against seam failures.

  • How is a NEWMAT stretch ceiling installed?

    A licensed NEWMAT installer :

    • – Creates a drawing from the field measurements.
    • – Orders the custom fabricated ceiling from NEWMAT. Every stretch ceiling is unique.
    • – Installs the perimeter profiles and then inserts the harpoon into it. This procedure is done with heat in order to make the membrane more flexible.
  • Are NEWMAT stretch ceilings cleanable?

    Yes, NEWMAT stretch ceilings are cleanable. You can use either a household cleaner or a NEWMAT cleaning solution.

  • Can we install a NEWMAT stretch ceiling on a wall?

    Yes, you have 2 options:

    1. – You can use either our NEW/TEXTIL line which is a PVC coated polyester fabric perfectly suited for stretch walls. The fabric can be printed on to achieve decorative walls.
    2. – Or you can use our PVC membranes for commercial applications.
      You can personalise your walls with our NEW/TEXTIL printed from your own photos.
  • Do NEWMAT stretch ceilings have acoustical properties?

    Yes, NEWMAT holds the patent for the invisible micro-perforation treatment of stretch ceilings which gives professional-quality sound absorption results.

  • Do NEWMAT stretch ceilings provide any heat insulation?

    NEWMAT stretch ceilings contribute to your heat insulation with the air cavity it creates between the existing ceiling and the stretch ceiling. You can also use this cavity to install heat insulation materials concealed behind the stretch ceiling.

  • Where can we install a NEWMAT stretch ceiling?

    You can install a NEWMAT stretch ceiling under any ceiling in your house: not only in your den, bedroom, kitchen, with chandeliers or spot lights, but also in your wet rooms like bathrooms, over the swimming pool, or under radiant heat. We always have a technical solution that your NEWMAT installer will propose.
    Anywhere you have a ceiling, a NEWMAT stretch ceiling can be installed.


  • How do I find a NEWMAT licensed installer?

    Our network of NEWMAT licensed installers covers Australia and the rest of the world. To find a NEWMAT installer near you, please fill in the questionnaire or contact us directly.

  • How much does a NEWMAT stretch ceiling cost?

    Each NEWMAT stretch ceiling is unique and custom fabricated; therefore, there is no standard pricing, since the price also depends on your choice of colour and finish, the number of corners, the acoustical or printed options, the integration of lights, and the complexity of the installation.
    It is imperative to get a quote from a NEWMAT installer for the supply and installation of your ceiling.
    To obtain a free quote, please fill out the questionnaire.

  • Can we install a NEWMAT stretch ceiling under a sloped ceiling?

    Yes, of course! NEWMAT stretch ceilings are suited for all configurations because of their flexibility.

  • What height is needed to install a NEWMAT stretch ceiling?

    NEWMAT stretch ceilings can be installed as close as 2 cm below your existing ceiling.

  • Can lighting fixtures be installed in a NEWMAT stretch ceilings?

    Yes, we can install luminaires in a NEWMAT stretch ceiling. Chandeliers, recessed spotlights, your choice. We also offer our range of NEW / SPOT: fixed or adjustable recessed spots. A NEWMAT patent for freestanding spots specially designed for stretch ceilings.

  • If we have a heated ceiling, can we still install a NEWMAT stretch ceiling?

    Yes, you can. A NEWMAT stretch ceiling can be installed bellow any heated ceiling, radiant or central heat.

  • Is there a minimum or maximum surface for a NEWMAT stretch ceiling?

    No, NEWMAT stretch ceilings can be installed on small or very large surfaces.

  • Can a NEWMAT stretch ceiling be printed on?

    Yes, we can print any image of your choice on a NEWMAT stretch ceiling, but we also offer a wide range of already stored images.

  • How is a luminous ceiling created?

    With the NEWMAT translucent line NEW/LIGHT, you can play with lighting. You have a choice of membranes with different light transmission. NEWMAT recommends a double-layer system to create a dust barrier and ensure the longevity of the aesthetic of the system.

  • Can we create 3D shapes with NEWMAT stretch ceilings?

    Yes, of course. It is one of the rare materials that can do it. We can create cathedral ceilings, waves, curves, domes, pyramids, etc..

  • Can a NEWMAT stretch ceiling be repaired?

    NEWMAT stretch ceilings are very strong but can be cut with sharp objects. In the case of a cut, you must first stop the cut from expanding by covering it with scotch tape until a NEWMAT installer can come in and perform a permanent and discreet repair.

  • Can we remove a NEWMAT stretch ceiling?

    Yes, a NEWMAT stretch ceiling can be removed and re-installed.

  • What about NEWMAT stretch ceilings and safety regulations?

    Stretch ceilings have the CE marking and comply with the European REACH standard for the products used in their fabrication. Every NEWMAT stretch ceiling is labelled and numbered to verify its origin. NEWMAT stretch ceilings have received fire ratings that allow them to be installed in public spaces with GROUP RATINGS OF 1 + 2 FOR MOST FINISHES.

  • What is the life expectancy of a NEWMAT stretch ceiling?

    NEWMAT stretch ceilings have a 10-year warranty against seam failures, and some of the oldest ceilings have been installed for 30 years.

  • Are NEWMAT stretch ceilings recyclable?

    Yes, NEWMAT stretch ceilings are 100% recyclable in accordance with the HQE process (High Quality Environmental).

  • Are NEWMAT stretch ceilings respectful of the environment?

    Yes, NEWMAT stretch ceilings are HQE certified and have the FDE&S Declaration. They are very light, i.e., 250 grams per m² (less weight means less shipping and less carbon), and they do not create debris or waste during installation since they are custom made at the factory. They are also 100% recyclable.

  • What is the warranty on a NEWMAT stretch ceiling?

    NEWMAT stretch ceilings are warrantied for 10 years against seam failures.