Innovative Acoustic Ceiling Solutions

NEWMAT Australia’s NEW/ACOUSTIC technology, a patented micro-perforation process designed to enhance acoustic control.

This innovative solution is fully customizable to meet your specific needs, enabling you to fine-tune the micro-perforation diameter to target different frequencies, effectively adjusting sound absorption and creating a tailored acoustical spectrum that aligns perfectly with your requirements.

Our acoustic fabric ceilings can also be combined with options such as backlighting and digital printing to further customise projects and create points of interest. NEW/ACOUSTIC can be applied to any NEWMAT membrane.

Suitable for aquatic applications, Newmat Acoustic ceilings can span up to 80m2 sqm in one panel, and weighs only 200gr/m2, allowing for large span ceilings to be installed with minimal weight on structures above.

NEW/ACOUSTIC is the perfect choice for spaces where precise voice control and echo elimination are paramount, as it maintains a vibrant atmosphere while ensuring exceptional sound quality

Elevate your acoustic design by downloading our catalogue on the downloads page and getting in contact with our team today.

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