The New Standard Of Acoustic Comfort

Membranes for Acoustic Ceilings

Acoustic ceilings and walls are typically called for in spaces where noise poses a challenge – from the education and hospitality sectors through to spaces with substantial ceiling heights and large span ceilings such as swimming pools, libraries and galleries, and auditoriums. Held in high regard by acoustic consultants worldwide, NEW/ACOUSTIC membranes are an elegant and sophisticated way to create the ideal balance between acoustics and mechanical resilience.

The NEW/ACOUSTIC range of acoustic fabric ceilings from NEWMAT was designed as a custom acoustic solution for architectural projects. As part of a patented process developed by NEWMAT, our membranes feature 250,000 virtually invisible micro-perforations per square metre, yielding exceptional acoustics. The micro-perforations are virtually invisible to the naked eye, and can be applied to any NEWMAT membrane, offering designers a host of choices as they refine their acoustic ceiling or acoustic wall concept.

Our acoustic fabric ceilings can also be combined with options such as backlighting and digital printing to further customise projects and create points of interest.

Our micro-perforated acoustic membranes can be combined with an acoustic backing to eliminate unwanted reverberations, and plenum depths can be adjusted to further tune absorption.

The graphs below depict various absorption spectrums created by using the NEW/ACOUSTIC membranes as a single or double-layer system.


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