The masters of stretched ceilings and walls



Our main line of stretch ceilings and walls

Genuine technical installations offering numerous advantages, stretch ceilings and walls are also used today as complete decorative elements that play an essential role in interior architecture. Creative enhancements, they open up unlimited possibilities to dress up a space according the tastes and preferences of the individual.

With Its monolithic PVC membrane, the principal product line of NEWMAT stretch ceilings and walls, NEW/CLASSIC has shown itself to be a favoured enhancement to give life to your projects quickly and easily.

From a simple flat membrane,to one that is curved, or a 3-dimensional one, NEW/CLASSIC adapts to the distinct features of each space, for a result that is perfectly in line with your expectations. The NEW/CLASSIC line creates a feel of volume, establishing a unique and harmonious ambiance in the space.

In addition to the aesthetic advantages, with 174 colors and 9 available finishes, there are also technical advantages. NEWMAT products that can be easily cleaned, are shock-resistant, waterproof, air tight, and non-flammable, all of which give them excellent longevity.