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unique and original aesthetic

Membranes for a ceiling or a wall unique, original and aesthetic

For a unique and original aesthetic, all NEWMAT fabrics can be printed with the patterns of your choice in the NEW/GRAPHIC range. Popular for many years by professionals, printed canvases have recently made their way into private living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms thanks to the many advantages they offer.

To make custom canvas prints, NEWMAT uses its patented imaging process, allowing for print-based printing high-definition computer files provided by you. Alongside the NEWMAT experts, you then define together the graphic design and color corrections to ensure an optimal result.

While revealing your personality, the printed tense walls and ceilings allow you to create trompe l’oeil decorations, enlarge a room or impose a particular universe and atmosphere. Easily associated with other NEWMAT ranges such as NEW/LIGHT or NEW/ACOUSTIC, NEW/GRAPHIC fabrics are achievable on very large surfaces, which may require multi-part prints. NEWMAT installers ensure the perfect alignment of the pattern and connect the fabrics with welds discreetly.

Prints are UV-protected and have a 10-year colour-holding guarantee.

NEWMAT Australia: Stretch Ceiling Supplier | New/Graphic

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