The New Standard in LED

LED For Creative Luminous Ceilings And Walls

At Newmat Australia, LED lighting lies at the very core of our lighting systems, As a leading lighting solutions company, we take pride in offering a comprehensive range of services, including design, supply, installation, and warranty support for multiple LED lighting sources and control systems. Our commitment to even lighting shines through every step of the process, from envisioning creative designs to seamlessly integrating them behind translucent finishes and our in-house made light boxes.

Our LED Products:

LED Tape / NewTape: Our most flexible LED solution opens a world of possibilities for ambient lighting, accentuating architectural details, or adding a touch of elegance to any space.

PIXEL Tape / NewPix: This dynamic LED tape with pixel control empowers you to create mesmerizing lighting displays, delivering captivating low-res videos and dynamic imagery.

Rigid Lensed Board / NewBoard: Specifically designed for depths of 100 – 200mm we provide this is numerous colours and wattages.

LED Tiles / NewTiles: Our LED tiles are designed and are ideal for ultra-shallow light boxes or recesses where cavity depth is an issue.

Our Control systems:

Casambi: Experience the convenience of wireless lighting control with Casambi. Embrace the power of your smartphone to adjust lighting settings, create personalized scenes, and explore new possibilities in smart lighting.

DMX + DALI Control: Our DMX and DALI control options allow you with comprehensive control capabilities, ensuring that your lighting systems adapt perfectly to your desired environment, whether for commercial spaces or entertainment venues. We work in conjunction with your lighting designers or site electricians to make this work to your clients needs

As part of our comprehensive package, we provide detailed LED electrical drawings, showcasing power consumption and total lumen output. We understand that lighting design is a specialized skill, so we connect you with numerous lighting designers upon request, ensuring that your vision becomes a reality with the expert touch it deserves.

Contact us to illuminate your world and redefine how you see light!