The new standard in luminous ceilings

Membranes for creative luminous ceilings and walls

Lighting is one of the most crucial elements in any architectural or interior scheme, influencing the atmosphere, enhancing functionality and – significantly – determining the overall ‘user experience.’

NEWMAT Australia’s range of NEW/LIGHT stretch membranes allows architects, interior designers and lighting designers to create completely unique luminous ceilings within any space. Made up of translucent membranes in a variety of colours and light transmissions, the range was developed as an innovative design solution to introduce illumination by way of backlit wall, ceiling or 3D shaped installations.

With sheet widths of up to 5.35 metres (stretched) available, significantly larger and completely seam-free concepts are now a possibility. The diffusing ability of NEWMAT’s translucent membranes is unmatched, with the option to introduce dimming or colour-changing light sources for the backlighting. Further customisation can be achieved with options such as digital printing, acoustic variants, and double-layer installations for even better light diffusion.

Each project is completely custom, and NEWMAT Australia designs, supplies and installs the membranes as well as custom framing and complete backlighting systems.

If you would like more information about NEWMAT Australia’s luminous ceilings, or if you are looking for a NEWMAT stretch ceiling installer, contact us or call us on 1300 047 047 today.


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