The masters of custom perforated membranes

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Acoustic performance, air transfer, perforated metal appearance

NEWMAT offers a line of perforated products.

Each of the NEWMAT membranes, no matter the colour, can be quickly perforated with one of our three types of perforations: Micro-perforation, Perforation 2, and Perforation 3.

Our membranes can also be custom perforated; a lead time of six weeks is required for this option.

The NEWMAT membranes can be used for :

  • Acoustical performances
  • Backlit installations with NEW/LIGHT membranes. Translucent membrane.
  • Air transfers when the project involves rapid changes in air pressure.
  • Achieve the appearance of perforated metal without the weight or the cost of metal, and have the
  • ability to create monolithic areas much larger than those of metallic systems.

To see the available colors/finishes, see Products/Components in the Membranes Menu.

Please note: All other NEWMAT colours can be perforated on request.