NEWMAT – the ultimate in pool ceilings

Aquatic centres and indoor swimming pools present significant opportunities to push the boundaries of design with their soaring, large-span ceilings, and a general sense of openness. Gleaming water alongside materials such as glass and tiling can result in stunning spaces, but two constants are likely to feature – humidity and noise.

Ideally suited to aquatic environments, NEWMAT Australia’s stretch ceilings can withstand steam and humidity. Furthermore, all of NEWMAT Australia’s finishes can be acoustically micro-perforated, resulting in a uniquely creative way to optimise acoustics. Every installation is entirely custom, and depending on designs and site considerations, might be a single- or double-layer system.

NEWMAT’s acoustic membranes are held in high regard by acoustic consultants worldwide. Virtually invisible to the naked eye, the 250,000 micro-perforations per square metre yield exceptional results.

NEWMAT Australia offers sheet widths of up to 5.35m (stretched), and our membranes can cover spans of up to 80sqm in a single sheet. Consequently, architects, designers, and builders have the opportunity to specify and deliver larger and completely seam-free architectural installations in aquatic environments.

With 200+ colours and 15 finishes available, and the possibility to incorporate a wide range of mechanical services such as lighting and speakers, NEWMAT Australia offers a lot of flexibility to designers. We specialise in custom stretch ceilings and light boxes, and our team has a wealth of experience – from concept through to supply and installation on site.

NEWMAT’s standard finishes have a BCA fire rating of Group 1 and Group 2.

Please use NEWMAT Australia’s contact details when specifying stretch ceilings:
Company:Newmat Australia
Phone:1300 047 047