NEWMAT’s gloss finish brightens projects in all sectors

Newmat Australia’s high gloss membranes are a dynamic and creative choice for projects in the commercial, hospitality, retail, leisure and residential sectors. Highly reflective, with a finish equal to 2 pac-sprayed MDF, these membranes enable designers to transform spaces through ceiling, wall and 3D shaped applications.

Contemporary and timeless, white remains the most commonly specified gloss finish from Newmat Australia, particularly for workplace, showroom and swimming pool projects. These membranes draw light into spaces, bouncing it around and reflecting key elements such as feature lighting, artworks, soft furnishings and exterior views. In the true sense of the word, they can lighten any area whilst creating the illusion of space where natural daylight is limited.

Newmat Australia’s darker gloss finishes are a more dramatic choice – injecting sophistication and moodiness into design concepts. Gloss black is hugely impactful, a brightly shining feature in and of itself. As a whole, our gloss range brings creativity and individuality to projects, and – depending on the design – the membranes can serve as a branding element.

Stretch ceilings offer architects and designers significant flexibility – with advantages including a completely smooth finish; fast and clean installation; and a maintenance-free result. The team at NEWMAT Australia works closely with clients to develop concepts, from inception through to final installation, including prototyping and 3D printing, should the project require it.

NEWMAT Australia operates throughout Australia and New Zealand, with our head office and showroom in Sydney. Samples, product brochures, and project images are available upon request, and we would be happy to assist with any stretch membrane concepts.

Please use NEWMAT Australia’s contact details when specifying stretch ceilings:

Company:Newmat Australia
Phone:1300 047 047