Queens Museum, Location: Queens NY, Architect: Grimshaw Architects

NEWMAT’s white membranes enhance large spaces

NEWMAT Australia specialises in the design and installation of custom architectural stretch ceilings for projects involving visible, open ceilings with large spans. Ideally suited to a host of projects across the education, sports, and leisure sectors, our stretch membranes can cover spans of up to 80sqm in a single sheet, with the option to select an acoustic variant in projects where sound reverberations pose a challenge.

The most commonly-specified NEWMAT finishes in large-scale white ceiling projects are matt, satin and gloss, all of which contribute substantially to the aesthetics of these typically generous spaces. All of NEWMAT’s finishes can be acoustically micro-perforated and combined with an acoustic backing for additional sound absorption if required.

NEWMAT is now the most cost-effective stretch ceiling system on the market for covering large ceiling areas, thanks to our pricing structure, and we are unique in offering sheet widths of up to 5.35m (stretched) with our XTRA (extra wide) range of membranes. As a result, our clients in Australia and New Zealand can now specify larger and completely seam-free installations.

Whether flat, curved, or featuring 3D elements, stretch ceilings can incorporate a wide range of mechanical services, from lighting and speakers through to smoke detectors, sprinklers and beyond. NEWMAT Australia designs and fabricates custom assemblies for each project.

Examples of projects in which large span stretch ceilings would be suitable include:

sports halls + gymnasiums
auditoriums and concert halls
learning spaces
indoor pools / aquatic environments
libraries, museums, and galleries
NEWMAT Australia’s designers work closely with architects, interior designers, and builders to develop a truly custom architectural ceiling, from initial concept through to installation on site. As well as the membranes, our scope includes the fabrication and installation of perimeter tracking and any 3D framing, as well as the supply and installation of insulation.

Our standard finishes have a BCA fire rating of Group 1 and Group 2.

NEWMAT Australia operates throughout Australia and New Zealand. Samples, product brochures, and project images are available upon request. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your next architectural ceiling or wall project.

Please use NEWMAT Australia’s contact details when specifying stretch ceilings:

Company:Newmat Australia
Phone:1300 047 047