The New Standard in Pixel LED

NewPix opens the door to a world of imagination

Introducing NewPix, our innovative system that combines cutting-edge technology with artistic brilliance. With NewPix, we offer a comprehensive solution that includes both the supply and installation of full PIXEL controlled LED panels placed behind the exquisite Newmat translucent fabric. The result is an awe-inspiring experience where a soft and subtle dynamic light brings to life a mesmerizing display of abstract videos, enchanting cloud scenes, and much more.

Pixel LED, also known as pixel-controlled LED or addressable LED, refers to a type of LED technology where individual LEDs can be controlled independently. Unlike traditional LEDs, where all LEDs in a strip or panel light up in unison, pixel LED allows for precise control over each LED, enabling dynamic and interactive lighting effects. Each pixel LED contains a microcontroller or driver chip, which can receive data signals and commands to control its color, brightness, and behavior. These LEDs are often arranged in a matrix or grid, allowing for the creation of intricate patterns, animations, and even videos.

Our PIXEL controlled LED panels bring a new dimension to visual storytelling, enabling endless possibilities for showcasing creativity and imagination. Whether it’s an art installation, an experiential marketing campaign, or an immersive event, NewPix elevates the viewer’s experience to new heights.

The below is a link to a new YouTube channel started to show what can be done.