As Australia’s largest stretch ceiling company, with the combined experience of over 95 years just in our Sydney office, you have no better place to start your journey but with us.

With our dedicated team of designers, fabricators, project managers and installers, we pride ourselves on setting the standard, this allows for efficient design development, prototyping, lighting supply, metal fabrications, installation and maintenance.

Our factory allows for custom fabrication of framing and stretching Newmat membranes (manufactured in France with 4 week lead time after site measure)

We assist clients not only on design development and documentation but provide specifications for fabrication, detail drawings, rapid quotations, site surveys, architectural metal work and delivery of finished goods.

We consult, design, develop and document all custom projects using 2D and 3D design software.

Design Development

We utilise the most advanced software available, including Solidworks, Rhino 3D and the full ADOBE suite to design develop your concepts. Whether it is a basic back lit ceiling, or a complex 3D fabricated light box or suspended acoustic frame, our dedicated in-house design team will guide you through the process of how best to work with this system.

Our extensive manufacturing, production, installation experience of stretch ceilings, custom fabrication, rapid 2D CAD drawings and 3D modelling ability assists architects and interior designers to achieve their design intent.

We firmly believe in the importance of consulting with our team before finalizing the specifications for this system. By doing so, you can avoid any potential time wastage for both yourself and your client. Our team’s expertise and insights can help ensure that the system perfectly meets your requirements, maximizing efficiency and value.

Site Surveys

The Newmat Team offers site survey and documentation for all our installations, through an extensive array of lasers, measuring is completed to ensure accuracy of the Newmat membrane.

Complex membrane installations around Australia are measured and drawn “LIVE” with our design team in Sydney, to ensure we are on site once to complete the measuring process.

Rapid Quotations

Our dedicated design team allows for fast quotation and budget pricing depending on the project complexity. Additionally, fast 2D CAD design detailing is completed with all quotations for assistance and qualification.

Our turn around for quotations can be from 2 to 48 hours for most designs.

Sample Preparation

We are able to provide samples on request in A4 or 600x600mm stretched in a variety of colours and finishes which can be seen in our showroom and/or delivered to you.

We also provide sample 600x600mm light boxes in a range of LED specs.


We have a fully equipped showroom in Artarmon (NSW), with a large range of stretched samples, illuminated light boxes and ceiling installations for you or your clients to view on appointment.

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LED Lighting

At Newmat Australia, LED lighting lies at the very core of our lighting systems, As a leading lighting solutions company, we take pride in offering a comprehensive range of services, including design, supply, installation, and warranty support for multiple LED lighting sources and control systems. Our commitment to even lighting shines through every step of the process, from envisioning creative designs to seamlessly integrating them behind translucent finishes and our in-house made light boxes.

    Our LED Products:

LED Tape / NewTape: Our most flexible LED solution opens a world of possibilities for ambient lighting, accentuating architectural details, or adding a touch of elegance to any space.

PIXEL Tape / NewPix: This dynamic LED tape with pixel control empowers you to create mesmerising lighting displays, delivering captivating low-res videos and dynamic imagery.

Rigid Lensed Board / NewBoard: Specifically designed for depths of 100 – 200mm we provide this is numerous colours and wattages.

LED Tiles / NewTiles: Our LED tiles are designed and are ideal for ultra-shallow light boxes or recesses where cavity depth is an issue.

    Our Control systems

Casambi: Experience the convenience of wireless lighting control with Casambi. Embrace the power of your smartphone to adjust lighting settings, create personalised scenes, and explore new possibilities in smart lighting.

DMX + DALI Control: Our DMX and DALI control options allow you with comprehensive control capabilities, ensuring that your lighting systems adapt perfectly to your desired environment, whether for commercial spaces or entertainment venues. We work in conjunction with your lighting designers or site electricians to make this work to your clients needs

As part of our comprehensive package, we provide detailed LED electrical drawings, showcasing power consumption and total lumen output. We understand that lighting design is a specialised skill, so we connect you with numerous lighting designers upon request, ensuring that your vision becomes a reality with the expert touch it deserves.

Contact us to illuminate your world and redefine how you see light!



As a national business we offer installations Australia wide, our installers are able to install efficiently, adapting to client needs and project scale. Newmat installations can also be removed for maintenance later if necessary.

Newmat is installed in one continuous operation with free and clear access to the whole floor area below the installation whereby the Newmat membrane is stretched onto specified tracking.

We locally produce our extrusions, and our Newmat membranes are meticulously custom made in France. Typically, our lead time is around 4 weeks from the moment we conduct a site measure of the installed tracking.

However, we understand that sometimes time is of the essence, so we offer an expedited service for an additional fee, which can shorten the lead time to 1-2 weeks.

Note, Newmat install must be carried out in a clean and dust free environment, preferably after floors are finished and laid, and ideally once all other construction has been finished to avoid damage to the Newmat membranes.

At the core of our business lies LED installation, where we excel in bringing your vision to life. Once our LED design process is complete, we proceed with the installation of the chosen LED, meticulously following our comprehensive wiring diagrams.

We collaborate closely with your site electrician to ensure seamless integration and functionality. Please bear in mind that while we specialize in LED installation, we do not offer services for 240v electrical work.

Architectural Fabrication

In our 400m2 dedicated factory in Sydney, we fabricate all our suspended framing, light boxes and associated accessories for the Newmat system.

    We provide:

  • TIG + Mig Welding
  • Aluminium rolling to certain profiles
  • CNC cutting on our oversized machine (3600 x 1800mm)
  • All fabrication of your design in other materials (wood, acrylic, steel etc)
  • Powder coating is provided to all our light boxes, suspended framing and trims