Putting automobiles in the spotlight with NEWMAT’s backlit membranes

Lighting is one of the most integral elements in car showroom design – enabling the cars to truly take centre stage within the space. Successful automotive showroom design offers glare-free illumination to highlight the vehicles whilst creating an ambience that encourages customers to take the next step. Translucent membranes from NEWMAT Australia offer architects and designers a wealth of options when developing concepts for showrooms.

Emitting an even, diffused light, NEWMAT Australia’s backlit membranes are one of the most effective ways to showcase the vehicles’ contours and sleek lines. Each project is entirely custom, from the membranes and framing through to complete backlighting systems, all of which are designed, supplied and installed by NEWMAT Australia. For the first time in Australia and NZ, we now offer sheet widths of up to 5.35 metres, resulting in fewer visible seams. LED choices include backlighting and edge lighting, as well as single-colour or tuneable white LED, or RGB / RGBW LED. Further flexibility on site is available with the inclusion of dimming, should the design call for it.

Suitable for wall, ceiling and 3D application, NEWMAT Australia’s stretch membranes can completely transform showrooms, enabling them to stand out in a highly competitive sector. Our membranes can be digitally printed with virtually any design – from photographs and patterns through to logos and artwork, supporting brand values and integrating into the wider interior fit out. We also specialise in lightboxes, and our team of designers has worked on numerous small scale projects as well as more complex installations involving 3D elements and shaped forms.

NEWMAT Australia’s standard finishes have a BCA fire rating of Group 1 and Group 2, and a range of mechanical services can be incorporated through the membrane, such as lighting and speakers.

NEWMAT Australia operates throughout Australia and New Zealand, with our head office and showroom in Sydney. Samples, product brochures, and project images are available upon request, and we would be happy to assist with any stretch membrane concepts.

Please use NEWMAT Australia’s contact details when specifying stretch ceilings:

Company:Newmat Australia
Phone:1300 047 047