Stretch membranes from NEWMAT make a difference at retail and in hospitality

Stretch membranes can be truly transformative within retail and hospitality settings, significantly improving the acoustics, illumination, and the general ambience, and thus, the customer’s experience. NEWMAT Australia offers architects, interior designers, and builders a highly creative custom solution that is suited to virtually any project, from high-end luxury flagship stores and large-scale shopping malls to edgy design-led eateries.

Incredibly lightweight, NEWMAT’s membranes are and suitable for wall, ceiling, and 3D application. Available in 200+ colours and 15 finishes, they can be micro-perforated to create an acoustic solution for noisy, high-traffic environments, and digitally printed with photos, artwork, or patterns. Stretch membranes can also act as wayfinding signage or branding devices, creating further engagement with customers through innovative design.

At NEWMAT Australia, we specialise in complete lighting systems, encompassing backlighting and perimeter lighting using white and RGBW LED, all fully dimmable. We also relish the opportunity to work on lightbox installations, and we handle all aspects from the fabrication of custom framing and LED layout through to selecting the most appropriate membrane. NEWMAT‘s membranes are available in sheet widths of up to 5.35m (stretched), providing even greater scope to develop completely seam-free installations.

NEWMAT Australia’s team of industrial designers develops and hones concepts with clients, from inception through to final installation, including prototyping and 3D printing, should the project require it.

NEWMAT‘s standard finishes have a BCA fire rating of Group 1 and Group 2, and a range of mechanical services can be incorporated through membranes, from lighting and speakers through to smoke detectors and sprinklers.

NEWMAT Australia operates throughout Australia and New Zealand. Samples, product brochures, and project images are available upon request. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your next architectural ceiling or wall project.

Please use NEWMAT Australia’s contact details when specifying stretch ceilings:

Company:Newmat Australia
Phone:1300 047 047