Sydney CBD’s newest technology and innovation hub in the thriving area of Haymarket.

Newmat Australia is excited to unveil their latest collaboration for Transport NSW, located within this spectacular tower.

The ceilings boast 40 custom-designed Newmat acoustic light boxes, each equipped with a backlit system. Engineered and installed by Newmat, these light boxes not only improve the space’s acoustics but also add a stunning visual element from above, enhancing the overall ambiance and functionality of the area.

Newmat have supplied and installed TWO types of Newmat product within this A grade office tower. NEW/Mirror has been installed creating an illusion of expanded space and enhancing the natural light within the interior. Each of the 4 mirrors were 6.4mx2m making it an enormous mirror in just one piece.

This reflective ceiling solution not only amplifies the sense of openness but also adds a modern, sophisticated touch to the office environment.

Newmat Australia took great pleasure in collaborating with ASTON Consulting, SHAPE and Hassell to bring the vision of this custom-designed hub to life.

We would also like to extend our gratitude to PIXEL Collective for capturing these remarkable photos.