The Prancing Horse’s new flagship Australian stable

Introducing Australia’s magnificent and awe-inspiring flagship Ferrari dealership, newly refurbished and ready to captivate you.

Newmat takes immense pride in its accomplishment of supplying and installing nine Newmat membranes to the brand new @ferrarisydneyofficial showroom! These feature ceilings also involved the seamless integration of LED back lighting from our team of designers and installers, further elevating the dealership’s grandeur.

The redesigned establishment is poised to become the beating heart of Sydney’s fervent Ferrari community, an iconic hub that radiates passion and sophistication.

In perfect harmony with Ferrari’s latest design philosophy, Ferrari Sydney stands as the sole dealership in all of Australia to unite service and sales under one roof. The unique layout allows visitors to witness the service centre in all its glory, right from the showroom floor.

We extend our appreciation to the esteemed @mccarrollsautomotivegroup and @reitsmaconstructions and Fortebis Group for their invaluable contributions in ensuring the resounding success of this extraordinary project.

Furthermore, our sincere appreciation extends to the talented @simonwhitbreadphoto for skilfully capturing the essence of this magnificent project through his remarkable photography.